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Task Lighting

The first category of lighting design is general lighting which I talked about in an earlier post.  The second is task lighting.  In lighting design, task lighting sounds like one of the less appealing considerations of a build.  The sensible aspect of it sounds boring.  But this essential consideration can add visual interest to a space while being practical.  These light fittings are a classic feature in this kitchen fitout.

This kitchen is designed by Jan de Jong Interiors featuring the N°222 Wall from Lampe Gras Light | 📷 Anna de Leeuw

How do you know if task lighting is required?  Consider what sort of activities will be occurring in the room where the lighting is being installed.  Domestic applications of task lighting include kitchen lighting, study or desk areas and bedside lights.  Task lighting requirements can become very technical in commercial environments like laboratories or factories, so lighting consultants or engineers are engaged to ensure these kinds of spaces are correctly lit.

More task lighting, a feature of this home office space.  @houseofjadeinteriors | 📷 House of Jade Interiors

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