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Working from Home

I work from home and have done so for years, unless I'm on a building site.  Usually this looks like working from the sofa, the dining table, or even in bed.  Nothing like this sophisticated home office, which i love by the way.

Over the years I have found my state of mind is the most important thing, not the location.  My ideal conditions are silence, a couple of uninterrupted hours, and laser sharp focus.  There are many distractions at home, especially if children are around. So I just try to commit 110% and not be too hard on myself if the day doesn't go to plan.

The world is literally going through a #workingfromhome experiment and I'm fascinated to see how this changes assumptions around work and productivity and a way of life we took for granted.  Or perhaps I'm just trying to look for silver linings with this unasked for and unwanted social experiment. 📷 James Carter

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